WiFi 6 ISN'T a Big Deal...Or Is It?!

Anirudh Hari
4 months ago

WiFi 6 is here, and devices supporting the new standard are starting to hit store shelves, both off- and online. WiFi 6 promises to bring faster speeds and greater capacity... but there are some skeptics who believe that we aren’t quite ready for WiFi 6 and that its benefits will only be appreciated later rather than sooner. 

We disagree. Below, we’ll tackle many of the misconceptions about WiFi 6 and tell you why we believe now is a great time to make the switch and start your transition to using the new standard. But first, what exactly is WiFi 6?

WiFi 6 (802.11ax) is the latest wireless standard, designed to improve the current WiFi standard, 802.11ac. Key benefits of WiFi 6 over previous standards like WiFi 5 (802.11ac) include 4x connected capacity, increased data throughput, and faster speeds, resulting in improved performance. This makes WiFi 6 ideal for supporting smart homes with multiple connected devices, 4K & 8K streaming content, large file downloads & uploads, and gigabit internet speed tiers, giving you a more enjoyable WiFi experience.


Now, time to dispel some of the common myths that surround WiFi 6:

Myth #1: There aren’t many WiFi 6 devices on the market

WiFi 6 enabled devices are readily available today from laptops on the market using Intel’s 10th-gen chips to the latest and greatest smartphones such as Samsung’s Galaxy S10 & Note 10, and Apple’s iPhone 11. With market movers such as Samsung, Apple, and Intel onboard with WiFi 6, you can expect other industry leaders to recognize the benefits of the latest WiFi technology and launch products with WiFi 6.

Myth #2: Most devices will not work with WiFi 6 routers

WiFi 6 routers are 100% backwards compatible with WiFi 5 and older WiFi devices. While you may not get to experience WiFi 6 from day one, you can make sure that your network is ready for new devices with WiFi 6 sooner than later.


Myth #3: WiFi 6 is blazing fast, but only if you have 50+ devices connected

Like-to-like, WiFi 6 increases the speed for even one device by 40% as compared to WiFi 5. If you get one of the newer laptop built-with Intel’s Gig+ technology, you can instantly double the speeds when matched with right WiFi 6 router.