VIEWSONIC VG2440V 24" IPS Full HD Video Conferencing Monitor

SKU: VG2440V
VIEWSONIC VG2440V 24" IPS Full HD Video Conferencing Monitor
VIEWSONIC VG2440V 24" IPS Full HD Video Conferencing Monitor
VIEWSONIC VG2440V 24" IPS Full HD Video Conferencing Monitor
VIEWSONIC VG2440V 24" IPS Full HD Video Conferencing Monitor
VIEWSONIC VG2440V 24" IPS Full HD Video Conferencing Monitor
VIEWSONIC VG2440V 24" IPS Full HD Video Conferencing Monitor

VIEWSONIC VG2440V 24" IPS Full HD Video Conferencing Monitor

SKU: VG2440V
Regular price Rs. 24,900.00 Sale price Rs. 16,499.00
  • Rated for use in India
  • Local Service Center
  • Delivery options available
  • Builtin Full HD webcam and microphone
  • Adjustable vertical angles for greater frame control
  • Webcam slide cover ensures total security and privacy
  • Ergonomic flexibility with quick release stand
  • Dual frontfacing speakers
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The ViewSonic VG2440V is a 24” Full HD video conferencing monitor designed to deliver out-of-the-box video conferencing and high-quality live streaming capability. The built-in Full HD webcam allows you to easily adjust the vertical angles to better frame yourself during VC calls and create more engaging content through varied camera angles, while the easy-to-use cover slide ensures total privacy and security when not in use. Providing the full spectrum of ergonomic flexibility, the VG2440V can tilt, swivel, pivot, and height adjust to adapt to any setup or workflow, and the exceptional inbuilt microphones and dual front-facing speakers ensure you can hear and be heard with absolute clarity and professionalism. Combined with the vDisplay Manager productivity software for efficient multi-tasking and streamlined on-screen display control, the VG2440V is the complete solution for anybody looking for a professional live streaming or video communication experience.

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An All-in-one Video Conferencing and Live Streaming Setup

Complete with a built-in Full HD webcam, microphone, dual front-facing speakers, and supporting software, the VG2440V delivers high-quality, out-of-the-box video conferencing and streaming capability.

Built-in Full HD Webcam

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More Control Over How You’re Seen

Easily adjust the vertical angles of the webcam up to 5 degrees both ways to ensure you, your team, or your content is perfectly framed every time.

Adjustable Vertical Angle

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Simple Slide Cover Ensures Privacy and Security

The built-in webcam includes an easy-to-use slide cover to ensure complete privacy and security when not in use. Slide it open when the camera is on and simply slide it shut when you’re done.

Webcam Cover Slide

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Crisp Audio for All Through Built-in Speakers and Microphone

Ensure quality audio in all video calls and live streams with exceptional inbuilt microphones and dual front-facing speakers designed to deliver crystal clear sound for you and your listeners.

Front-facing Speakers

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Easy Multi-tasking for Increased Efficiency

Work smart with efficient OSD command and control through vDisplay Manager. Personalize split-screen displays, auto-launch applications, and customize display settings to maximize multi-tasking abilities and overall efficiency.

vDisplay Manager Software

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Complete Ergonomic Flexibility

Effortlessly swivel the display up to 120 degrees, tilt up to 40 degrees, raise the display up to 130mm, or pivot 90 degrees for portrait viewing. The VG2440V offers the full range of ergonomic flexibility for every task and workflow.

Swivel, Tilt, Pivot and Height

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Client Mount Compatible

The VG2440V’s versatile stand is client mount compatible, along with cable management design to keep your workspace neat and free of cable clutter.
*The Client Mount Kit must be used to attach a mini PC.
*The Client Mount kit is sold separately.

Free of Cable Clutter

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Consistently Impressive from All Angles

SuperClear® IPS panel technology delivers the same top-class image quality from above, below, front, and side for accurate and vivid colors with consistent brightness from any angle.

IPS Panel

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Advanced Eye-Care Technology

Eliminate eye strain and fatigue after long periods of use with Flicker-Free technology and a Blue Light Filter. Easily access the settings via vDisplay Manager and preset personalized brightness and contrast levels for different times of the day.

Flicker-Free & Blue Light Filter

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Effortless Installation in 4 Easy Steps

Instant assembly with no expertise required. Simply open the box, screw the base to the quick release stand, snap the stand into place using the slots, and lift the fully assembled display out the box.

Quick Release Stand

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Environmentally Friendly Packaging

The VG2440V is shipped in paper-based packaging for easy disposal through recycling. The green thinking is reinforced with hand holes and mono color printing to avoid any plastics and pollutants.


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Certified Environmental Sustainability

The VG2440V is an ENERGY STAR-certified product that can save on energy costs* while reducing greenhouse gases. The display is also TCO certified for sustainability and registered as an EPEAT product.​

Energy Star & TCO & EPEAT

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Minimized Total Cost of Ownership

Designed for modern offices, the VG2440V helps reduce hidden business costs and delivers an efficient end-to-end enterprise experience. From installation time and recycling concerns to user experience and screen performance, every feature of this monitor has been carefully designed to meet the demands of modern-day work and reduce the TCO for business owners.

  • 01. Menu Control Panel
  • 02. VESA Compatible (Wall Mount 100 x 100mm)
  • 03. AC In
  • 04. Line-in
  • 05. Headphone
  • 06. DP In
  • 07. HDMI
  • 08. D-Sub
  • 09. USB 3.0 UP Stream(Type B)
  • 10. USB 3.0 Down Stream(Type A)
  • 11. USB 3.0 Down Stream(Type A)